TEDx Crossroads and #runfree

In preparation of the upcoming TEDx event, Crossroads, in Hong Kong, Grana gets up close and personal with select speakers. I am honored to be one of the featured speakers. Read the complete article here.

Diana Wu David
Writer, Traveller, Entrepreneur

Form(sic) business building entrepreneur and strategic investment advisor to moonlighting children’s author. Diana doesn’t shy away from a challenge.

How would you describe what you do?

Opportunity solving. A broader version of problem solving the opportunity exists to create something or improve something.

You’re a woman of many hats. What’s the connection between business strategy, investments and children’s books? Where do all these interests intersect? Or do they?

I am a business builder and entrepreneur. My work is reviewing a portfolio of options (strategies, investments, business ideas) to see what will have the likelihood of the best return. Then finding the right collaborators to ensure the best chance of success and reviewing those choices to refocus resource and attention on those that are going well. And the children’s book? Well, I was just trying to find a book to make my kids feel proud of being from Hong Kong! Opportunity solved.

What is it about start-ups that grabs your attention?

I like hearing new and fresh perspectives and love to anticipate and imagine what could or should be. In many ways start-ups are the creative engine of our collective future. They are working on how best to educate our children, connect us, feed us and improve our health. They are inventing new business models that allow people to work and create in new ways. How could that not grab your attention?!

What’s a project that you’re currently working on and really excited for?

Investing in the art of living. It should be a project that comes to full fruit in a few decades.

If you had the opportunity to do something different, what would you do?

Doing something different isn’t usually my problem! But if I had an opportunity to help found a new venture, I’d like to do that again, but in an older and wiser way.

What’s a secret talent of yours?

You have to go read the article to find out!

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