Step Up HK: Capital for Female Entrepreneurs

Capital for female entrepreneurs in Hong Kong

This presentation for StepUp Hong Kong is a clarion call to women who could invest in start-ups to enhance Hong Kong’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Hong Kong’s support for entrepreneurship and especially tech has been in the news quite a bit. But look around and you rarely see any critical mass of women at investment meetings.

Enter opportunity!

  • Pattern recognition: a unique perspective in looking at deals that seems to be lacking, either because of how we use products or our experience

  • Return: Women-owned business are under served by traditional financing measures but often more capital efficient. Sharing deal flow, experiences, best practice, etc including these businesses seems like a profitable opportunity.

  • Mentoring/Role modeling: better deal follow on requires mentoring after the deal. Statistics show that women-owned business succeed w/a female investor (but have lower returns without one). On a broader basis, it’s great to highlight the achievements of women who are confidently investing across asset classes.

I invite you to review the presentation and get involved!